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my descent into hell via the medium of dance... [entries|friends|calendar]
Nic d'Arcy 2 - The Musical

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[20 Aug 2007|05:59pm]
The date went alright. I have a feeling nothing willl come from it. Shame really.

In other news, I've just come off the phone with Cat after and argument over MY Truck ticket that she will not give me back... God, it's like Kramer Vs. Kramer...
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Why stay standing still? [20 Aug 2007|02:39am]
I have my first 'date' for 2 years tomorrow with a girl called claire from Malvern.... Fun!
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[19 Aug 2007|06:25am]
Broke up with Cat. I am quite distraught. What to do?
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[09 Aug 2007|02:55am]
Only Hancock will understand this... But Cacapa? I'm so happy!
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[03 Jun 2007|07:34am]
My new DJ name is going to be DJ Chad Crisis.... Yes.

Next prospective set is for Task in Hand after my Mum's B'day party down't Marzy on July 14th. (with help from my partner in crime/life Cat 'Christian Aid' Ford).

I have just received the vinyls of Monty Python's "Spam Song" and "Pass the Dutchie" by Musical Youth... They, for some reason, had been posted through my letter box....
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[28 May 2007|06:44pm]
So, what do i do with my life?

You (well, most of you...) know me well, ish, so what would I be good at?
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[10 May 2007|12:27pm]
Ok, anyone want to get a civil partnership with me 'just for a laugh'?

No one have a go at me, right....
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[05 May 2007|12:03pm]
[ mood | awake ]

"You can't lock me up, look at me... I'd be dyke food!"

I love Emmerdale...


[26 Apr 2007|05:50am]

well, i laughed...

[16 Apr 2007|02:47pm]
Wedding was good.

free bar.

hangover two days on.

[28 Dec 2006|01:50pm]
This chrimbo i was pretty pissed.

I wish there were photos to follow....

[02 Dec 2006|10:44am]
All Of A Sudden, I Miss Everyone

Only three months to go before I get disappointed again....
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[25 Nov 2006|04:52am]
If nobody sees me for a while then it's because I've become hopelessly addicted to Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

I need to get a life.
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[01 Nov 2006|12:09am]
number 15....

awww... people still remember them when they were good, still minus the Fesmeister though... boo hiss....
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[19 Oct 2006|03:50am]
I'm now 24. I've never had a real job. I feel suitably ashamed. Although happy my dad remembered this year.

Who's up for getting wankered on Saturday? I'm not working Task In Hand..... Let's get sozzled.
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WHAT FILM IS THIS? [10 Oct 2006|11:25pm]
Right, remembering back to when i lived at my old house... so, over 10 years ago... but way before that.... so, between the ages of me being 5 and 10...

But yes, ITV (there were adverts!) showed a film... I thought it had Mark Hamill in it... But I doubt it.....

A story told through the tales of a man about to be executed.... Then the hangman saves him and they all jump on a big dreadnought-esque ship.... or get chased by one at least....

It was a bit westerny....

any help would be lovely and stop my mind from going schizzzzzzt...

[19 Jul 2006|01:13pm]
[ mood | Hot 'n' Bovvvverd ]

No more train strike.... sooooooo happy.

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[30 Jun 2006|01:28pm]
watch boy_wonda fight

[28 Jun 2006|02:22pm]
I don't post much anymore... But when I do, it's usually about armoured polar bears...


I need to get a life...
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[25 May 2006|02:18pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Anyone know when the SubClub cards are being discontinued in the UK?

All this counterfeiting and ebay selling of tickets is leading to Electronic swipe cards... I just want to know so I can use them before they die...

Mmmm... PhillyCheeseSteak....

On a side note... Might apply for a job at an opticians in town... Day time employment is the future... I've seen it...

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